Stephen Glaister

I'm a little shocked by and feel I should apologize for the non-objectivity of my list: there are a few directors whose work I know like the back of my hand (Hitchcock, Bergman, etc.) and in those cases I have very considered judgements, but in many other cases I find myself significantly the prisoner of the order in which I encountered a director's films (i.e., with whatever I saw first having made the deepest impression). I wonder whether anyone overcomes these sorts of asymmetries in their views since nobody can be expert in everything (or even about most things)?

My list of alternates is quite populist in two respects: first, many of my selections go deeper on many of the auteurs that made Sight and Sound's list (so, e.g., hello The Conversation and Double Indemnity), and second many of other selections are unabashed crowd-pleasers (e.g., It's A Wonderful Life, Dirty Harry, Jaws). I make only a few relatively wild selections, i.e., that I'm pretty confident won't be on many other people's lists (e.g., Threads, Cremaster 3). Because I've, as it were, put my 'wild' chips on relatively few items, you can infer that I'm very confident that these are true phenomena that do more or less blow anyone away who sees them.

Alternative 100

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